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As one of the world’s most connected nations, Singapore’s robust infocommunications framework and infrastructure create a digital ecosystem that aims to improve quality of lives.

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Singapore ranks first as the most network-ready country in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Information Technology Report 2015”. With a strong IT infrastructure, backed by a legal and regulatory environment that ensures data is used responsibly, Singapore continues to be an attractive location for companies.

New growth opportunities in sectors such as data analytics, cloud computing, cyber security, mobile solutions and social media keep this infocommunications and media ecosystem vibrant and exciting.

Cyber Security

The Asia-Pacific cyber security market is expected to grow to US$32.95 billion and contributes 21.16% of the global market by 2019. Singapore Government is setting aside S$130 million over five years to support cyber security research and innovation.

In 2013, the Singapore Government launched a five-year National Cyber Security Masterplan 2018 to further secure Singapore’s cyber environment. The Masterplan will focus on three key areas to develop Singapore as a trusted and robust infocomm hub by 2018, one of which is to grow Singapore’s pool of infocomm security experts through working with Institutes of Higher Learning and industry partners in training and developing more students and professionals in infocomm security.

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Data Analytics

Global data explosion has accelerated the need for analytics professionals who are able to interpret the data and tell businesses, organisations and governments what to do with it. From data scientists to analytics solution architects, to analytics domain experts who are equipped with the knowledge to apply analytics across sectors, Singapore is constantly growing this talent pool.

By 2017, Singapore aims to groom 2,500 multidisciplinary data analytics professionals and add S$1 billion in value to the Singapore economy.

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Lokesh Tayal

Oracle Asia Pacific
I don't know of any other country that values its human resource pool so much.
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Dr. Henry Doan

Founder and CEO
Foricom Group
New technologies, ideas or services can be transferred and applied into reality almost immediately.
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