8 Steps to Working in Singapore

I would like to work in Singapore


If you are a senior talent who meets the below requirements,
you can consider applying for the Personalised Employment Pass

Personalised Employment Pass (PEP)

  • Overseas applicants should have a minimally last drawn
    monthly salary of S$18,000 or hold a skilled migrant visa.
  • The PEP is not tied to a specific employer and is granted on the
    strength of an EP holder's individual merits. It also allows the
    holder to remain in Singapore for up to six months in
    between jobs
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Search for available positions

Job Search Channels

  • Contact Singapore's Job Portal, Jobs@Singapore
  • Career & networking events organised by Contact Singapore
  • E-mailers sent by Contact Singapore. Subscribe now »
  • Job sites
  • Potential employers' websites
  • Headhunters & recruiting firms
  • Referral from friends/family
  • The Recruit section of Singapore's The Straits Times
    Saturday edition
  • Networking is one of the most effective methods of meeting
    potential employers. You may like to print a set of personal
    name cards for such events.



  • The job search process is similar whether you are
    overseas or in Singapore. If you are overseas, you can
    subscribe to Singapore's The Straits Times
    Saturday edition.
  • Contact Singapore organises career &
    networking events both overseas and
    in Singapore. Visit our events calendar for the
    latest schedule.



Interview process

Interview process

  • Most employers only inform candidates if they are
    shortlisted for an interview
  • The interview process differs from employer to
    employer and ranges from 2 weeks to 2-3 months
  • If you are currently overseas, employers may
    interview you over the phone or video conference,
    or their local office may conduct the interview
  • Some employers may require candidates to
    prepare an essay or presentation
  • Employers in Singapore usually look for:
  • - Qualifications
    - Ability to adapt
    - International outlook
    - Basic English etc.


Accepting the job

Congratulations on securing a job in Singapore!

  • Deciding whether to take up the job will
    be one of the most important decisions
    you'll be making
  • Most employers will require you to sign
    an employment contract upon acceptance
    of the job
  • The contract will lay out the terms of your
    employment including your salary,
    bonuses, working hours, etc
  • You will usually be given 2-5 days to go
    through the terms before you need to sign
    the contract







Apply for a work visa

Application for work visa

  • Non-Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents will
    need an Employment Pass (EP) to work in Singapore
  • Mid-skilled non-citizens may apply for the S Pass
  • Application of work visas are done by the employer
  • Application can be done online or manually

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Approval of your work visa

Approval of your work visa

  • Your employer will receive an In-Principle Approval
    (IPA) letter upon approval of your Employment
    Pass (EP) or S Pass
  • The IPA letter must be produced upon collection
    of the EP or S Pass from the Ministry of Manpower
    Work Pass Division
  • The IPA letter is valid for six months from the date
    of the letter
  • You can collect your EP / S Pass from the Employment
    Pass Service Centre (EPSC) only after you arrive
    in Singapore
  • Validity is up to two years for first-time applicants
    and up to three years for EP / S Pass renewals




Relocating to Singapore

Relocating to Singapore is hassle-free

Find out more or read about the success stories of those who made the move


Apply for PR and Citizenship

  • Holders of an EP or S Pass can apply for Permanent
    Residence under the Professionals/Technical
    Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme. It takes
    at least 6 months to process the application
  • If you are a PR, you can sponsor your spouse
    and unmarried children below 21 years old to apply
    for PR
  • You can apply for citizenship if you are above 21 years
    of age and have spent 2 years as a PR in Singapore
  • All applications are subject to the approval
    of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority





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