Working in Singapore

Embark on a rewarding career back home

Singapore welcomes a diverse workforce, more so as the government became increasingly pro-business in the past few years.

In fact, Singaporeans with overseas experience are highly valued here. With our modern infrastructure, an industrious culture and sound planning, Singapore offers an ideal work environment and opportunities in a range of future-forward industries, including biomedical sciences, R&D, healthcare and financial services.

Working Conditions

Most companies in Singapore now operate on a five-day work week, based on the legal standard of 44 hours a week. Vacation leave varies from seven to 14 days, usually increasing with length of service and seniority. Contracts often include two to three weeks of paid sick leave and hospitalisation leave.

Salaries are very competitive in Singapore, comparable with the developed world. It is a common practice for companies to offer the 13th month bonus at the end of the year, equivalent to one month’s salary. In addition, you may receive variable bonuses, depending on the company’s and your individual performance.

To sweeten the deal, many companies provide their employees with other incentives such as recreational facilities and holiday subsidies.

Another piece of great news for Singaporeans – Singapore’s personal income tax rates are still among the lowest in the world. To find out more information and tax rates, visit the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website.

Professional Resources

The Singapore International Chamber of Commerce is an excellent information bank on industries and employment trends. If you belong to any professional association, you may contact them directly to find out the latest developments in your profession. Some of them are:

For further networking and career improvement opportunities, refer to the Professional Development section.

There are 84 trade unions and professional organisations which promote industrial relations between companies and workers. Two major entities are the Singapore National Employers’ Federation and the Singapore Labour Foundation.