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Clubs & Societies

Nothing eases the transition to a new country better than through making friends and getting involved in the community around you.

Singapore plays host to a gamut of organisations, formal and informal, live or virtual, that will help make your stay fun, meaningful, and memorable.

Online Forums

The easiest way to get onto the expatriate network is to go online. There are many non-nationality based expatriate forums which provide useful advice for the newcomer. One of the more popular portals is www.entersingapore.info which has won the Federal of International Trade Associations (FITA) Really Useful Site Award. Websites like these allow you to not only learn more about what to expect, but also to make friends even before you get here.

Cultural and Nationality-based Groups

International associations provide friendly support and a sense of familiarity. Start your search for one by checking in with your country’s mission to Singapore – there are 67 foreign Embassies and High Commissions and 41 Consulates resident here.

Here are some nationality-based community groups:

Singapore International Foundation (SIF) The Singapore International Foundation is a non-profit organisation founded in 1991. Its mission is to build a better world through shared ideas, skills and experiences, so as to uplift lives and create greater understanding between Singaporeans and world communities.
American Association, Singapore Founded in 1917, this association serves as a bridge for the American expatriate and others, providing programmes for everything from its own newspaper to career resources.
American Women’s Association of Singapore The AWA is a vibrant group which welcomes women of all nationalities, and offers a wide variety of activities, including volunteer opportunities.
Australian and New Zealand Association (ANZA) Membership has grown beyond the Commonwealth at this Association. You can get information or join in the many recreation and sporting events.
Belgian & Luxembourg Association of Singapore The BLAS promotes Belgian-Luxembourg and Singaporean exchanges in the field of economy, business, culture, science and academics, through social events like business lunches and dinner parties.
British Association of Singapore The BA organises an array of activities and special-interest groups. It is especially committed in its fundraising and volunteering for local charities.
Circulo Latino (Latin Circle) Lovers of the Latin language and related cultures have their own community events once a month.
French Association of Singapore A social organisation for the French, Francophones and Francophiles.
German Club-Deutsches Haus With a heritage of more than 150 years in Singapore, the German Club, together with the Goethe Institut, provide recreation for its members and the Singapore public.
Korea Association in Singapore Established in 1963, Korean Association in Singapore provides useful news & information, as well as, networking events for Korean members who are residing in Singapore through online website and monthly magazine called "Hannuri".