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Admission to Mainstream Public Schools

For international students looking to enter mainstream public primary schools, secondary schools and junior colleges (JCs), the Ministry of Education (MOE) conducts a centralised Admissions Exercise for International Students (AEIS) during the September/October period annually for admission in January of the following year.

The AEIS comprises an English test and a Mathematics test.  Applicants who pass the test will be offered a place in a suitable school.  Please note that the exercise is for admission into Primary 2-5 and Secondary 1-3 only.  Admission into Primary 6 and Secondary 4 is usually not granted as it would not be in the student's interest to be admitted during the critical national examination years.

Results of the AEIS are generally released in mid-December.

International students who wish to register for a place in Primary 1 are required to submit an online indication of interest form on the MOE website from 5 to 11 June. Detailed information regarding this can be found on the MOE website and press release.

International students who wish to enter a pre-school, private school or post-secondary institution such as a university or polytechnic should approach the institution directly.

Admissions process into mainstream public schools may differ for international students depending on the type of pass they hold, and their parents' immigration status. For more information, click here.

You can find information of mainstream public schools in the MOE's School Information Service website.

For more information on Singapore's education landscape, click here.

Education has always been one of the pillars of Singapore society. As a nation whose only resource is its people, Singapore takes education very seriously. Singapore's public schools maintain high standards of teaching and learning. Expatriates can also choose to send their children to private or foreign system schools. For more information, click here.

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