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Residency and Citizenship

Your spouse may apply for Singapore citizenship if he/she has been a Singapore PR for at least two years and married for at least two years before the date of application. You may apply for your overseas-born children to become Singapore citizens if either you or your spouse is a Singapore citizen.

Yes, you may sponsor your parents to stay in Singapore using a long-term social visit pass. The pass is valid for five years and is renewable.

Your children will have to apply for PR on their own merits.


From education and healthcare subsidies to public housing ownership eligibility, there are many benefits that a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) can enjoy. A SPR generally enjoy more benefits and privileges than a foreigner on a work pass.


One of the key obligations is the serving of National Service for second generation male Permanent Residents. Second generation male permanent residents refer to those who became SPRs under the sponsorship of another person, for e.g. their parents or spouse. Upon reaching 16 ½ years of age, they need to enlist for National Service (NS) and will serve two years of full-time NS at 18 years of age. Thereafter, they will serve intermittent duty as a citizen-soldier for a cycle of 10 years.

To become a PR, you will need to apply for an Entry Permit with the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA). For details on eligibility and application procedures, please visit the ICA website.

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