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Global Investor Programme

Contact Singapore is a one stop centre for entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in relocating to and investing in Singapore.

We advise family businesses on their entry and stay in Singapore. Whether creating new businesses or expanding businesses in Singapore, we connect entrepreneurs and business owners with relevant partners to facilitate their decision making to establish strategic activities in Singapore.  Contact Singapore also administers the Global Investor Programme, which accords Singapore Permanent Residence status to investors with substantial business track record and successful entrepreneurial background who intend to drive their business and investment growth from Singapore.

For more information on the Global Investor Programme and the application process, please refer to the following links:

About the GIP

Global Investor Programme  (GIP) Factsheet
GIP Assessment Criteria

Applying for GIP

GIP E-Application Forms (Please view this form using Adobe Acrobat Reader)
This form will take about 30 minutes to complete
Form 4 - Application for an Entry Permit to enter Singapore
All applicants who apply for PR will require to pay a S$100 non-refundable processing fee (per applicant) directly to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority. We will advise you when to make the payment, after we have received your GIP application.
List of Supporting Documents for GIP Application
Timeline for GIP Application Processing
System Requirements for GIP E-application

GIP Funds

Contact Singapore introduced an independent fund rating exercise as a key element of the GIP Funds’ application and selection process since 2012. 

Mercer (Singapore) Pte Ltd was appointed as the independent rating agency in March 2012 . Mercer’s rating evaluation comprises of a comprehensive assessment of the funds in 3 broad categories: 

(i) People – Idea generation and business management;
(ii) Investment – Portfolio construction and implementation; and
(iii) Operations – Governance, regulation, controls, technology and investment administration.  

Funds which meet the rating benchmark are awarded a “Preferred Provider” rating and are reviewed by Contact Singapore’s GIP Fund Selection Panel before the final approval. 

Following the GIP Fund application exercise concluded in August 2015, 5 funds have been awarded a "Preferred Provider" rating and are eligible to participate in the GIP. Approved GIP funds are required to undergo ongoing surveillance by Mercer, to reaffirm its rating and ensure compliance with Contact Singapore's requirements during its fund raising period. 

The latest surveillance rating was done in April 2018 and we have appended the report in the link below. 

The 4 GIP Funds are listed in alphabetical order of the fund managers below:

Fund Manager GIP Funds
Crest Capital Asia Fund Mgmt Pte Ltd The Enterprise Fund V Ltd
Evia Capital Partners Pte Ltd Evia Growth Opportunities IV Ltd
FengHe Fund Management Pte Ltd F & H Singhome Fund III Ltd
Phillip Private Equity Pte Ltd Phillip Ventures Enterprise Fund 5 Ltd

Please note that the rest of the GIP Funds have since closed fund raising and are no longer open for investment.

Please refer to the following links for the Contact List of GIP Funds and Mercer’s Summary Reports on the GIP Funds.

Contact List of GIP Funds – Last updated 10 January 2019
Mercer's September 2018 Summary Reports on GIP Funds